We profitably (re)build sales departments.



BUILD a sales engine. HIRE top sales talent. DRIVE profitable revenue growth.

The Need is Clear

Many CEOs & VPs are too heavily involved in the sales process, want to grow, but are worried about losing money as a result of no sales infrastructure or processes, bad sales hires, no time to manage sales people, and the inability to accurately predict sales forecasts… which causes them to be stuck and hitting burnout. Some have previously hired sales reps and experienced nothing but extremely expensive over-promising & under-delivering.

The Solution Works

We help those CEOs & VPs (re)build their sales department (sales processes, quotas, metrics, and playbooks), help recruit top sales talent, coach them weekly, and create a buy-in culture resulting in predictable pipelines and high-growth sales. We train and coach on the behavioral quotient (BQ) necessary for results. Our proven process results in significant increases in annual revenue for our clients; 92% of our recruits rise to the top 1⁄2 of their sales force in 12 months.

Behavior Drives Results

Even with great systems & processes, once you have sales people doing the work, it adds complexity – sales people are expensive & unpredictable – we help find the BEST people for your team and coach them to execute the most profitable behavior. Based in Denver, CO, the Sales BQ®  team acts as fractional VPs of Sales to help CEOs avoid losing $250k-$500k (per rep), as a result of no sales infrastructure, bad hires, lack of training, and no time to manage.

Build Your Sales Infrastructure

Sales BQ offers comprehensive services in three core areas: BUILD + HIRE + DRIVE. In the BUILD phase, we observe & shadow your current sales approach. We look at how every department plays a role (finance, marketing, operations, technology) and how each sales person performs. We document all processes, highlight what’s working great, make recommendations, and produce a comprehensive sales playbook, identify the types of sales roles needed to create a sales engine, develop or enhance comp plans, and create sales activity plans with both leading and lagging indicators.

What’s included:
  • Sales rep comp plans
  • Territories / verticals / market segments
  • Rep roles / responsibilities
  • Rep quotas / goals / metrics
  • Ideal prospect-buyer personas
  • Sales activity plan with metrics
  • Approach for profiling accounts
  • Prospecting / lead gen strategy
  • Custom needs analysis questions 
  • Proven approach for sales demos
  • Pre & post-call templates
  • Visual sales process flow map with key selling stages
  • An account management up-sell plan for existing clients
  • A referral solicitation strategy
  • Criteria for CRM / tracking tool
  • Proven step by step sales methodology with your value messaging and new call scripts
  • A gorgeous, custom Sales Playbook!

Evaluate Your Existing Team

Sales BQ partners with the the Top Sales and Marketing Assessment Tool (for the 8th consecutive year, rated by Sales World) for our clients. Objective Management Group© (OMG) was the first to market for this type of assessment and remains the leader. With over 26,000 companies and 1.8M sales people evaluated, OMG has the insights into what makes a high-performing sales team. We run the OMG’s Sales Rep and Manager Evaluations to evaluate existing sales team member’s 21 core selling competencies and core sales DNA (evaluation is created specific to your role, market, product, competition, and revenue size) to give you a benchmark on where their performance can be and if any of them would benefit from individualized sales coaching. We conduct a team analysis that indicates your opportunity for estimated revenue growth over the next 12-24-26 months (see sample) for groups of 2+.

Hire the Best Reps for the Job

In the HIRE phase, we know exactly what type of sales rep(s) you need to build a profitable sales engine. We develop a matrix to define your ideal candidate profile(s) with characteristics, experience set, skills and traits to be successful. We customize the sales assessment tool, Objective Management Group© (OMG), to evaluate candidates and formulate a targeted strategy for locating and connecting with viable candidates. We follow the Sales Talent Acquisition Routine (STAR) Manual©, developed by Objective Management Group©, a detailed recruiting how-to guidebook of 12 key steps to find and keep “A” level sales talent. When followed, the STAR manual results in a strong pool of candidates of whom we strongly qualify and impact appropriate selection of your next sales superstar. It also provides direction on how to on-board and develop new reps into your organization.

We build job descriptions and job ad postings to engage candidates and post them on 100+ job boards. We phone screen qualified candidates who pass the OMG, interview them in-person, schedule the TOP 2-3 candidates to interview with you, and provide guidance in making hiring decisions. Once hired, we assist in developing a 90 day on-boarding plan which includes individualized high-impact immersion sales training and sales coaching.

Ongoing Recruiting

Our full service recruiting relies on the OMG Candidate Assessment (custom built for your specific role, market, price structure, and sales cycle) to know who should be interviewed. 92% of our OMG-recommended candidates rise to the top ½ of your sales organization within 12 months. Don’t recruit blindly. Know if they have the Sales DNA, willingness, commitment, and desire to whatever it takes (ethically) to get the job done.

We Drive Growth Through 4 Tracks of Learning

For the DRIVE phase, we believe in immersion learning over time, accomplished by both classroom and in-the-field sales coaching and training… not a butts-in-seats forgettable event.

We benchmark your reps on the entire sales process – we identify the behaviors, style, and sales techniques that help and hinder their success. In addition to insight from their Objective Management Group Evaluation of their 21 core selling competencies and sales DNA, we record (video & audio) prospecting calls, full sales meetings, and review outbound messaging approaches. We provide feedback, typically 15-20 “coachable moments” per 30 minutes of film and a graded scorecard, based on key metrics. This creates awareness that allows room for change!

Our immersion learning experience creates high-growth sales results by aligning learning with immediate practicing.  We know you don’t have time for the accountability piece – We Do! Let us takeover the weekly cadence, debrief calls, and hold your reps accountable to high-growth sales results! We coach, train, and manage your sales reps in the classroom and in the field! We provide weekly updates, scorecards, and progress reports.

TRACK ① - REV IT UP      



4 Weeks of 2 hr. Courses
Weekly 1:1 Coaching
Includes Sales Rep OMG

1. Sales 101 & Mindset
2. Lead Gen, Plan & Time
3. Network & Buyer BQ
4. LinkedIn



3 Weeks of Half Day Courses
Weekly 1:1 Coaching
Includes Sales Rep OMG

1. Target: Profiling & Prospecting
2. Win: Selling & Closing
3. Accelerate: Account Mgmt., Up-Selling & Target Refferals



Ten 2 hr Courses
Weekly 1:1 Sales Coaching
Includes Sales Rep OMG

1. Advanced Negotiation
2. Advanced Buyer BQ
3. Advanced Questioning
4. Advanced Communication
5. Team Selling
6. Psychology of Selling
7. Forecasting
8. Knowing the Competition
9. Major Account Development
10. Understand Decision Process



8 weeks of 1 hr. Courses
Weekly 1:1 Coaching
Includes Sales Manager OMG

Infrastructure 1: TAM / Verticals / Segmentation & Lead Sources
Infrastructure 2: CRM / Metrics / Build Sales Plan / Quotas / Comp
Infrastructure 3: Sales Department Roles & Responsibilities
Selling 1: Lead Gen & Funnel
Selling 2: Discovery, Demo, Close
Coaching: Coaching versus Telling
Accountability: Pipeline Mgmt. / Leading & Lagging Indicators
Recruiting: Attracting Top Talent / On-Boarding / Quick Ramp-Ups

The Difference is in the Accountability

Transparency. Accountability. No Arguments; Just Results. We record your team’s live sales calls. We provide conversation insights, transcribe the calls, log 15-20 coachable moments of valuable feedback to help them drive immediate results, and score each call on a custom built scorecard specific to your reps individual learning and development plan.

The awareness created is critically important to each rep understanding how they “show up” to the call. We give them alternate talk tracks, point out where they misunderstood the prospect’s questions, highlight where they need to ask more questions and where they can strategically enhance the quality of the call, i.e. point out the perfect spot in the call where they could have asked for budget, timeline, and other closing questions. We call out filler words and useless terms and allow the reps to self-diagnose where they can improve! Buy-in makes a difference in their ability to adopt and implement the feedback.