Sales Rep, Manager & Team Evaluations

Sales BQ® partners with the the Top Sales and Marketing Assessment Tool (for the 7th consecutive year, rated by Sales World) for our clients. Objective Management Group (OMG) was the first to market for this type of assessment and remains the leader. With over 26,000 companies and 1.8M sales people evaluated, OMG has the insights into what makes a high-performing sales team. 

Step 1: Existing Team Evaluations

Would you like to know who on your team is trainable, coachable, and worth an investment? Would it be helpful to understand if your reps are in the right roles, if your sales leader has what it takes to create a high-performing team, and what revenue levels you can attain over the next 12-24-36 months with your current talent?

Step 2: Ongoing Recruiting

Our full service recruiting relies on the OMG Candidate Assessment (custom built for your specific role, market, price structure, and sales cycle) to know who should be interviewed. 92% of our OMG-recommended candidates rise to the top ½ of your sales organization within 12 months. Don’t recruit blindly. Know if they have the Sales DNA, willingness, commitment, and desire to whatever it takes (ethically) to get the job done.