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What is Sales BQ™?


Many CEOs ($1M-$5M) are too heavily involved in the sales process and need to make their first sales hire, but are worried about losing money as a result of no sales infrastructure, systems, or processes, bad sales hires, no time to manage sales people, and the inability to accurately predict sales forecasts… which causes them to be stuck at a certain revenue point with no viable plan of action to grow. 


We help CEOs ($1M-$5M) create and implement a sales department (sales infrastructure, systems, processes, quotas, key metrics, and playbooks), help recruit top sales talent who follow our scalable, repeatable processes, manage them weekly, and create a buy-in culture with ownership-thinking resulting in predictable pipelines and high-growth sales. We train and coach on the knowledge, awareness, and actions necessary for results.


BQ Is the behavioral quotient. 

Sales BQ™ was created by a team from complex, consultative, competitive, and high dollar sales that involve multiple decision makers, with MILLION$ sold in small, mid, and enterprise accounts.

The Sales BQ™ team acts as outsourced VPs of Sales to help CEOs avoid losing $250k-$500k (per rep), as a result of no sales infrastructure, bad hires, lack of training, and no time to manage.

Step 1: Let's Build Your Sales Infrastructure

Create Your Sales Department

Create or Enhance the Sales Infrastructure

In 5 days or less, we help build sales infrastructure, systems, and processes by aligning operations, finance, product development, marketing, sales, and your ideal client’s buying journey; all documented in your custom sales playbook and detailed business development plan.

What's Included

  • sales rep comp plans
  • defined territories / verticals
  • defined rep roles / responsibilities
  • rep quotas / goals / metrics
  • ideal prospect-buyer personas
  • sales activity plan with metrics
  • approach for profiling accounts
  • prospecting / lead gen strategy
  • custom needs analysis questions
  • pre-call templates
  • process flow map to move prospects to closed business via key selling stages (i.e. demos, proposal deliveries)
  • an account management plan for existing clients
  • pipeline stage map
  • criteria for CRM / tracking tool

Step 2: It's Time to Hire the Best Sales Reps for the Job

Search + Pre-Hire Assessments + Sales Hiring

Sales Talent Acquisition Routine (STAR)

Our sales hiring process follows The Sales Talent Acquisition Routine (STAR) Manual (© 2005-2017 Objective Management Group, Inc.), a detailed recruiting how-to guidebook with 12 key steps to find and keep “A” level sales talent. It helps build a strong pool of qualified candidates and aids in selection of your next sales superstar. 

Define the Right Hire

We develop a matrix to define the ideal candidate profile and prioritize characteristics, experience set, skills and traits to be successful. We help customize the Sales Assessment tool to evaluate candidates and formulate a targeted strategy for locating and connecting with viable candidates.

Pre-Hire Assessments

We include a 6 month subscription for an unlimited number of the customizable Objective Management Group (OMG) salesperson/sales manager evaluations. (Best practice - and EEOC - dictates that all candidates be assessed when submitting a resume via your posting. With this process, everyone is treated equally and time isn’t wasted interviewing people who aren’t recommended.)

Search + Interview + Onboard

We help build job postings to engage candidates and allow self-selection by candidates based on essential candidate characteristics. We review results with you until you are comfortable interpreting the assessment tool. We help create initial phone screen scripts, help interview, and provide guidance in developing a 90 day onboarding plan.

Step 3: We Leverage Immersion Learning & High-Impact Sales Coaching

Outsourced Sales Mgmt, Training & Coaching

Benchmark Each Rep

We BENCHMARK your rep(s) as they SHOW UP today on the entire sales process - we identify the behaviors, style, and sales techniques that hinder their success. We record (video or audio) prospecting calls and full sales meetings, review email & LinkedIn messaging approaches. We provide feedback on all of it, typically 15-20 "coachable moments" per 30 minutes of film and a graded scorecard, based on custom key metrics. This creates AWARENESS that allows room for CHANGE!

Create Individual Learning Plans

Our online IMMERSION learning experience, led by the Sales BQ™ Team, creates high-growth sales results by aligning LEARNING with immediate PRACTICING. Your rep(s) start their individual, customized learning plan with their Sales BQ™ Coach immediately. We know you don't have time for the accountability piece - We Do! - And they won't argue with it... it's on film!

Outsourced Sales Management

Let us takeover a weekly cadence, debrief calls, and hold your rep(s) accountable to high-growth sales results!

We provide you with ongoing updates, scorecards, and video benchmarks. You can log in and SEE the ROI anytime you'd like!

What's Included

Each learning plan is just as unique as each rep on your team. 

  • video / audio benchmarks of each step of the sales process
  • custom graded score cards used for measuring progress
  • sales challenges & video / audio role plays
  • sales meeting debriefs
  • accountability to biz plan metrics
  • on-call sales manager support

The LEARNING difference is in the technology.

Our APPROACH is Proven for REAL WORLD Complex, Consultative, High-Dollar B2B Sales Success!

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