We PROFITABLY (re)build sales departments for CEOs & VPs.

We PROFITABLY (re)build sales departments for CEOs & VPs.

We PROFITABLY (re)build sales departments for CEOs & VPs.

You're Not Growing Revenue.

Many CEOs & VPs are too heavily involved in sales and don’t achieve the revenue they want. Whether they’re still selling the product or service themselves or are stuck managing a non-performing team, they need help driving revenue growth.

Some tried hiring sales reps, but never saw any results! Bad sales hires are costly, yet even “A-level” sales talent can’t perform without infrastructure, systems, and processes in place.

You Need Our Help.

Sales BQ® offers 3 services: BUILD + HIRE + DRIVE. To BUILD, we observe
your company-wide sales approach and evaluate each sales team member. We document processes, make recommendations, produce a
comprehensive SALES PLAYBOOK, identify the sales roles needed to
create a sales engine, develop comp plans and activity metrics.

We follow a 4-step screening process to source, recruit, and HIRE “A-level”
sales talent, then DRIVE profitable revenue growth through both
classroom training and in-the-field sales coaching.

In 2018, Sales BQ®...

Served 30 companies in 6 states

Trained 134 reps in our SBQU program

Built 24 sales

Coached 32 sales reps & managers “in-the-field”

Recruited & placed 20 high-performing reps

Helped grow our clients’ revenues over 30% YoY

85% of them met or exceeded quota

1 client tripled revenues

10% crushed their quota by 200% or more

2 clients doubled revenues

No Opinions, Just Facts.

We use Objective Management Group® Sales Rep & Sales Manager Evaluations to uncover your team’s 21 core selling or management competencies and their Sales DNA.

We also screen your candidates with the same tool to ensure they have the desire and willingness to do whatever it takes (ethically) to succeed.

You should care about your ROI. We (re)build your sales engine. We recruit top sales talent. We drive profitable revenue growth.

Based in Denver, CO - Serving Companies Nationwide!

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